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《FIFA 12》官方论坛公布解决顿卡的最新方案

       \”Hi guys i heard some of you saying that maybe the replay0.bin is what causing the lag in the game … so i figured out this solution to get rid of it

       It is simple :

       1) Go to : My Document\\Fifa 12\\instance0\\

       You should find a file called replay0.bin if u don\’t run the game once and it will be created

       2) Delete the file but make sure that the game isn\’t running

       3) Open notepad (to an empty new file) and click save as …. choose (the option \’all files\’ instead of .txt to save it as) from the list below it, and save the file as/name the file \”replay0.bin\” and close notepad

       4) right click on the new replay0.bin and click properties then make it read only file and click ok

       You r done when you launch fifa 12 next time it won\’t create that 800 Mb file

       Tell me if the the gameplay got better and what you think ……..\”

       THANKS TO mido 736 FOR THIS!! Ur help was much appreciated and i just wanted to spread the info, mate.. great find..


       “嗨,大家好,我听到你们中的一些说法,也许replay0.bin是造成在游戏中的滞后… …


       1)进入:我的文档\\FIFA12 \\ instance0 \\你应该找到一个文件名为replay0.bin



       4)右键单击新replay0.bin,并单击属性,选中只读,然后单击确定,你当您启动FIFI12时,它就不会创建800 MB的文件了

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