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爱游戏:《看门狗》成就列表曝光 想保持新鲜感请绕道!_0

《看门狗(Watch Dogs)》完整成就列表已经公开了,玩家要达成的成就总数是50个,其中11个涉及到多人游戏内容。有剧透内容,大家小心。

这次公布的是Xbox Live版成绩列表,PSN奖杯列表预计也大同小异。《看门狗》将于5月27日登陆PC、PS3、PS4、Xbox 360和Xbox One。Wii U发售日期还没有确定。


50G – Invincible: Complete The Final Chapter

15G – Thief!: Steal A Total Of $25,000,000

15G – Pawn Takes King: Pawn Off Items Worth More Than $10,000,000

10G – Side Step: Complete 50 Side Missions

15G – Side Swipe: Complete 105 Side Missions

20G – Back Side: Complete All Side Missions

10G – Petty Thug: Kill 100 Innocent Civilians

20G – Crook: Kill 250 Innocent Civilians

25G – Murder One: Kill 501 Innocent Civilians

50G – Messiah: Complete Single Player Stealing Less Than $50,000

25G – Human: Complete Single Player Stealing Less Than $150,000

5G – Lucifer: Complete Single Player Stealing More Than $10,000,000

30G – Around The World: Travel A Total Distance Of 40,075 Km

30G – Dead Ded: Track Down And Murder 10 DeadSec Members

10G – The Lesser Evil: Hack 500 Different Civilians

25G – Just Evil: Hack 50 Different Electronic Devices

25G – Disruption: Disrupt The Flow Of Traffic 50 times

5G – Upgrader: Upgrade Your Phone

5G – Beautiful: Find The Aspiring Hacker

5G – Lovers: Create A Dating Profile Online

10G – Smashing: Smash 1,000 Windows

35G – I Have An Ego: See Yourself On 100 Different TV Sets

5G – Walk Over Me: Walk From Abrahams Apartment To The Grill In Under 4 Minutes

10G – Peter Beale: Get The Dirt On Peter Beale

20G – Visitor: Visit 100 Different Players Worlds

10G – Co-Operative Theft: Steal A Total Of $100,000,000 From Other Players

10G – Gone Phishing: Collect 20 Different Species Of Fish – Not All Of Them Are In Your World

25G – ID Theft: Steal Another Players Identity And Commit 10 Crimes In Their World

10G – Got You: Successfully Stop Yourself Being Hacked 25 Times

25G – Caught: Get Caught Hacking In 50 Other Worlds

10G – Kill Kill Kill: Kill 100 Innocent Civilians In Another Players World

40G – Generous: Donate $100,000,000 To Other Players In Their World

30G – Help Me: Help Another Player In Trouble

5G – Dynamic Duo: Jump To Your Death With Another Player


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