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Bethany/Carver:   妹子/老弟

Heirloom Amell Protective Sigils/ Fereldan Girded Plating.
Location: Final room in the Birthright quest Act 1.

Anders:           灰袍奶爸

Lyriu Weave (found at) Mage Goods shop (Gallowes)
Lyriu织物         第二章 gallowes里的mage goods shop
Armor Struts (found at) Lirene\’s Fereldan Imports shop (lowtown)
装甲支杆          第二章 lowtown里的Lirene\’s Fereldan Imports shop
Spirit Essence (found at) Dissent quest, Gallows Dungeon. (all found in act 2)
精神精华          第二章 gallows里的地牢迷宫 任务dissent

Sigil of the Mage Underground (found at) Best Served Cold quest (found in act 3)
地下法师印记   第三章 任务Best Served Cold

Aveline:         盾战雀斑女

Underpadding -Guardsman Pattern (found at) Armor Merchant shop (lowtown) Act 1.
护垫               第一章 lowtown里的 Armor Merchant shop
Flex-Chain -Guardsman Pattern (found at) Raiders on the Cliffs quest, on Feel Orden.
伸缩链           第二章 任务Raiders on the Cliffs quest

Impect Plating -Guardsman Pattern (found at) Armor Merchant shop (lowtown) (both found in Act 2)
嵌入镀层        第二章 lowtown里的Armor Merchant shop

Deflecting Joints -Guardsman Pattern (found at) Favor and Fault quest, on Jeven (found in act 3)
偏转关节       第三章 jeven身上 任务Favor and Fault

Fenris:                精灵双手剑战士

Lyrium Scales (found at) Shady Merchandise shop. (Docks)
lyrium鳞甲             第二章 Docks里的Shady Merchandise shop

Tevinter Spirit Symbol (found at) Robes by Jean Luc shop (Hightown)
Tevinter精神象征   第二章  Hightown里的Robes by Jean Luc shop

Reinforced Straps (found at) A bitter Pill quest, Abandoned Slaver Den (found in act 2)
强化皮带                第二章 任务A bitter Pill   Abandoned Slaver Den的身上

Enchanted Rasin (found at) Mine Massacre quest, on Dragon (found in act 3)
附魔锉刀                第三章 龙身上  任务Mine Massacre

Isabela:              大波女海盗

Lambswool Insoles (found at) To Catch A Theif quest, in a chest in the Lost-End Foundry.
羊毛鞋垫               第二章 lowtown里的 Lost-End Foundry 的一个箱子里   任务To Catch A Theif

Rigid Boning (found at) Apparel Shop, (lowtown)
硬骨                     第二章 lowtown里的Apparel Shop

Supportive Corselet (found at) Robes by Jean Luc shop (Hightown) (All found in act 2)
支撑束胸              第二章 Hightown里的Robes by Jean Luc shop

Boiled Leather Plates (found at) A Murder of Crows quest (found in act 3)
熟皮板甲?      第三章 任务A Murder of Crows

Marrill:               精灵血法师
Silver-Threaded Dalish Embroidery (found at) Sundermount, near the top of the path.
精灵银线饰品       第二章Sundermount山里 接近山顶的通道

Carved Ironwood Buttons (found at) Ilen\’s Crafts shop (Sundermount)
雕刻铁木纽扣       第二章Sundermount精灵营地里Ilen\’s Crafts shop

Semite Lining (found at) Robes by Jean Luc shop (hightown) (All found in act 2)
闪米特内衬          第二章hightown里的Robes by Jean Luc shop

Halla Horn Buck;es (found at) A New Path quest, on the Pride Demon (found in act 3)
哈拉角皮带扣       第三章 Pride Demon身上 任务A New Path quest

Varric:               矮人V叔

Inscribed Leather Harness (found at) Apparel shop (Lowtown) ( found in act 1)
碑铭皮甲             第一章 Lowtown里的Apparel shop

Silverite-Reinforced Buckles (found at) Family Matter quest, Bartrand\’s Estate.
加银麻布              第二章 Bartrand\’s Estate 任务 Family Matter

Coat Lining with Concealed Pockets (found at) Shady Merchandise shop (docks) (all found in act 2)
藏袋里袖              第二章 docks 里的Shady Merchandise shop

Drakeskin leg Straps (found at) Finding (um this is a big spoiler so um I\’ll just say you have to find a guy you\’ll know it when you see it) quest (in act 3)
龙皮护胫             第三章 剧透 到时候你就知到

Sebastian:     DLC王子

Enhanced Articulation (found at) Armor Shop (Gallows)
强化关节         第二章 Gallows里的Armor Shop

Mail Undertunic (found at) Repentance quest, Harriman Eastate.
锁子甲里束腰           第二章 Harriman Eastate 任务Repentance

Reinforced Bracers (found at) Olaf\’s Armory shop (hightown) (all in act 2)
加强臂套          第二章hightown里的Olaf\’s Armory shop

Protection of the Faith (found at) Best Served Cold quest. Hightown (


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